Energy Source Solutions (ESS) is an Energy Management Consulting Firm Serving the Tri-State area and other International Markets.

We combine deep industry knowledge with commercial, technical, financial, and regulatory expertise to help organizations maximize value and manage risk in today's complex energy and environmental markets. We make the welfare of each community in which our projects are located a priority and strive to provide the best solutions to our clients. 

At Energy Source Solutions we work with our clients to determine their energy management needs through development of financial budgets driven by forecasting, benchmarking, and other analytical instruments. ESS has expertise in the provision of highly relevant services to help our clients fine-tune their energy consumption and improve performance.

Our Service Offerings Fall into Seven Categories:

1. Strategic Energy Advisory Services

2. Energy Budgeting along with Available Incentives

3. Energy Auditing

4. Energy Project Management

5. Energy Benchmarking

6.Fuel Procurement and Energy Efficiency Programs  

7. International Energy Management Services